Earth Day Cooking Class with Sara Hauman from High Chef Portland


The Carlton-based chef won both challenges in the first episode of the series. She shares her tricks for sustainable cuisine on Skype.

PORTLAND, Erz. – Sustainability is an important topic in the food world. Get your ingredients responsibly and without waste. Top Chef Portland is airing on Bravo Thursdays right now, and a winemaker from the wine country really kicks ass as a contestant. Chef Sara Hauman remains the mother of the top Portland chef and how far she has come. In the meantime, she is back at work and is holding a special virtual cooking course on sustainability on this Earth Day.

“Maybe I didn’t realize how big the top chef thing was,” Hauman said with a laugh. “So when I went on set on the first day, I said, ‘Oh man, there’s so much money behind this, what am I doing?”

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This is why you will love watching Sara and taking root for her. She’s real, she’s funny, she’s humble, despite winning both of the cooking challenges from the first episode.

“When you watch the episodes, you will see my smile and smile because I have 100% the time of my life,” said Hauman, smiling at Zoom from her work kitchen in Oregon’s wine country.

The San Diego native is the head chef at Soter Vineyards in Carlton. The effect of the show can already be seen. Guests booked reservations with Soter months in advance, and Hauman says she’ll need to hire another member of staff to keep the pace in the kitchen up.

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You can virtually meet Chef Sara on Thursday, April 22nd at 6 p.m. for her Earth Day cooking class on Skype, which is all about sustainable cuisine. It costs $ 10 and the proceeds will go to the Wave Foundation, a nonprofit fish conservation organization. It’s via skype so there is no limit on tickets. Here is the link to sign up and get more information.

She will talk about the uses of all parts of a fish, including tails, bones, and viscera. She will explain how using small fish can contribute to biodiversity and small fishing boats. She also makes her Spanish tortilla or frittata recipe, also known as the Fridge Cleanout Meal.

Here are some tips to help protect Hauman:

Fridge cleaning meal

“I have stalks of herbs or vegetables that don’t look particularly nice, or pieces of cheese that I haven’t eaten, and toss them with beaten eggs, a little cream, and it’s a way to empty your fridge. You can Prepare a delicious meal, whether it’s breakfast or dinner. And for me, it really helps to prepare for the next round of shopping. “

Kitchen towel against paper towel

“If you go to a kitchen supply store, you can find kitchen towels or hand towels in packs. You can reuse them. All you have to do is wash them. I prefer them to paper towels because they are much more absorbent.”

Beeswax wrap against plastic wrap

“They’re really easy to make, I made some here at Soter. You can just buy them too. They’re reusable, they’re really great for reducing your saran wrap usage.” Here is a DIY tutorial on how to make them yourself.

Soapy water tub

“I just fill a small tub or bowl with soapy water and make sure I soap all of my dishes first. Then I turn the faucet back on and rinse everything off. It’s a super easy way to save water and not leave it alone run all the time. “

Freeze food

Don’t be afraid to freeze food. Even if it’s a bunch of herb stalks and you don’t have time to puree them, just stick them in the freezer and come to them at another time. It’s easy, servings freezing After a long day, you can simply take out a portion, defrost it and heat it up. “

Hauman includes a recipe and upcoming events in their newsletter. Login here.

VIDEO: Watch Sara make a simple stove and oven frittata that she showed us during our interview:

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