Derek, Founding father of Extra Plates Extra Dates, on prioritizing a wholesome lifestyle


Derek, Founder of More Plates More Dates, on prioritizing a healthy lifestyle

When it comes to taking control of your health, fitness can be helpful in helping you meet your goals and achieve a better quality of life.

Many people turn to the gym first, but it’s important to keep in mind that developing good habits takes time. It’s about creating a better lifestyle that is sustainable. Derek, the man behind More Plates More Dates, explains why optimizing your health should feel more like a seamless lifestyle integration than a conscious daily decision.

More Plates More Dates is a comprehensive health, wellness, and performance platform dedicated to improving people’s lives through legitimate science-based content. Derek realized that fitness is an obligation, and not just that he drags himself to the gym for an hour every now and then. He built a community that was fun to share unique information about self-improvement and was fun to educate yourself.

“I’d rather focus on self-improvement than on fitness or exercise in the gym,” explains Derek. “There are so many channels in the drawer that seem to keep talking about one thing. Granted, I often have overlapping topics or even the exact same topic that comes up repeatedly, but I try consistently to include so many aspects of health, Vitality and self-improvement as a whole in my content in a fun way. Being fit and healthy isn’t just about eating a certain macro allotment and going to the gym five days a week, there are so many deeper topics that most don’t even touch like blood tests or genetics. “Understanding that no healthy lifestyle is complete without a well-thought-out plan, Derek creates content that not only educates his viewers but also presents it in a fun way to encourage information absorption.

Derek, the owner of Gorilla Mind and Marek Health, believes that taking a multi-faceted approach to achieving a high quality lifestyle will produce the best results. “You can eat as healthily as you want, but if you aren’t exercising enough or your sleep hygiene is awful, you’re missing the big picture,” explains Derek. “Most of the time, someone chooses part of their life, like their exercise routine, but then completely neglects the meat and potatoes of recovery and proper nutrition.”

“To prioritize health, you need to optimize different aspects of your life. You don’t have to hit the vanity muscles just a few times a week and assume that you are healthy from exercising hard,” explains Derek.

Out of a thirst for knowledge, Derek continues to develop and passes this information on to his followers via his blog, YouTube channel and other social media platforms.