Cupboard taking a look at outside haircuts, health tomorrow: Ford


Premier Doug Ford said outdoor haircuts and fitness activities will be decided in the cabinet tomorrow, but stressed the importance of continuing to adhere to public health protocols.

On Tuesday, Ford said activities like outdoor haircuts or fitness activities will be decided in the cabinet tomorrow.

While acknowledging the warmer weather, the Prime Minister emphasized the importance of still keeping your distance from others, masking and maintaining good hand hygiene.

“I cannot emphasize this enough, please we have to be careful. Am I nervous about the third wave? Absolutely I am. It concerns me around the clock. So please guys, yes it’s great to be outside and get some fresh air, but we need to be vigilant. I can’t stress this enough and make sure we follow the chief medical officer’s protocols, ”said Ford.

He added that it is “absolutely critical that we do this” and that no one wants to return to another lockdown.

On Saturday, the patios in Toronto and Peel were allowed to reopen, both of which are considered COVID-19 hotspots.

Lately, cases have been high at 1,546 on Tuesday, 1,699 on Monday, 1,791 on Sunday, and 1,829 on Saturday.

To date, Ontario has recorded 332,119 COVID-19 cases and 7,253 virus-related deaths.