Cork Booklift E book Riser Enhances Your Studying And Cooking Expertise »Gadget Movement


The Cork Booklift Book Riser is not only practical, but also a beautiful modern living accessory. The unique shape of a solid block shaped cork lifts and tilts your book. Harvested and manufactured in Portugal, it will keep your book in a comfortable reading position. It’s also great for keeping cookbooks off your messy counter while you’re cooking. However, it has such a beautiful design that you can use it to simply display a coffee table conversation piece. When reading a big book, you’re dealing with sharp corners, wrist fatigue, and frustrating pages – but this book riser is just plain fun reading. It’s solid and durable, provides just the right grip to hold a book securely, and its incline reduces strain on the neck and keeps glare to a minimum. The cork material is naturally waterproof, light and sustainable and characterizes the Cork Booklift.