Cooking Tips: How to Prevent Garlic from Burning While Roasting


Garlic is used in many recipes.


  • Garlic is commonly used in cooking various recipes.
  • Garlic tends to burn quickly.
  • Here are some tips to help prevent garlic from burning during cooking.

In the kitchen there are some important things that are essential to the cooking process. Garlic is one such food that is always used to add a lot of flavor to the dish. Garlic is a staple food around the world not only in India. The ubiquity lies not only in their taste, but also in the various health-promoting properties. From boosting immunity to helping digestion, garlic benefits us in several ways. But the strong, pungent taste it gives the dish is second to none. Adding garlic is a routine kitchen activity, but cooking garlic can actually be quite difficult. As? Continue reading.

Garlic is used in almost all recipes, but garlic does more harm than good if cooked or burned. And unfortunately a lot happens, even with experienced cooks. Garlic tends to burn easily and quickly. Hence, there are a few things to keep in mind when adding garlic so that you can enjoy the best taste in your food.

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Garlic is a common food that is used in several recipes for its strong pungent taste.


Here are some cooking tips that can help prevent garlic from burning:

1. If the recipe doesn’t call for it, instead of grating or finely chopping your garlic, chop your garlic into larger pieces. Smaller pieces of garlic cook in no time and may also start to burn before you know it.

2. Never fry garlic over a high flame. Keep it on a low flame or medium heat when there are other ingredients in the pan.

3. Try adding garlic later in the roasting process. For example, when frying onions, green chillies, etc., add garlic towards the end when the onions are already starting to brown. This way, garlic will also be perfectly roasted at the time of the onion.

4. If you want a distinctive garlic aroma in your dish or sauce, you can add whole unpeeled garlic at the beginning and later remove the skin and continue cooking. This way, the garlic releases its deep essence into the bowl without burning itself.

5. Check that the oil or butter in the pan is not too hot. If you toss garlic in very hot oil it will burn crispy in an instant, before you even notice it. If your oil is a little too hot, turn off the gas, let it cool down a bit, and then turn it back on before adding the garlic.

We all love the taste and aroma of garlic in our food. Let’s swear to use this amazing food wisely with these cooking tips.

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