Cooking for the household looks like love – Picayune Merchandise


By Jan Penton Miller

my day just got infinitely better. Don’t get me wrong now; it’s been a pretty decent day. It was actually a pretty nice day. The southern Mississippi sun was hot on my pool buddies and me as we talked with a little movement in the mix. It’s always a good way to start the day, friends and sunshine.

After torturing myself through these everyday chores that we all do a little thoughtlessly, I got a text message from my youngest boy reminding me that he was on his way home for a few days. I knew it was a possibility, but plans are changing so I wasn’t too excited until I got the confirmation message.

I love cooking for loved ones so I called to find out his arrival time and to find out what he would like to eat. When I think about why I’m so excited to cook for my pile, I think it’s because my mamaw filled her little green farmhouse with delicacies when her family was around. All of their efforts felt like love to me, so I continue their tradition with joy.

My children and grandchildren know that I will give anything they want, even if I am not so sure of my success. Your inquiries sometimes change depending on their respective healthy eating thoughts at the time, but I can usually guess roughly what they will be asking about before answering.

Since Ryan is single, I always have a bedroom for him. I think it could also be because he’s the youngest child.

Should i say it I think I will. He’s my grown up little boy and his room is full of things from his childhood and youth. When the other two left the house and got married, most of their belongings went with them, but somehow with his belongings in his room it’s like holding onto a little piece of the past.

Ryan’s father was so sentimental, actually a lot more than me. He loved all children so much and held them all in his heart, and did I mention Ryan was the baby? I know it’s healthy to get on with life, but when I walk into the bedroom, which is filled with Ryan’s skateboard, coin collection, and tons of his clothes that I keep in case he needs them, I feel like that I not only keep fond memories of this time of motherhood, but also of her loving dad.

Talk about a chef, this was Glen R. He loved talking to the chefs offshore and getting recipes from them. I helped feed the family, of course, but he was the one who loved it. I remember so often how he found me reading a book and brought me a new joy to seduce me. And he always had so much fun finding something the family really enjoyed, so I’ll probably take a page from his book too.