Cooking cream made out of candy potato and carrot soup with registered nutritionist Carol Bell


This time of year is perfect for those root vegetable soups, especially since we are not yet fully into the growing season. Carol Bell, a registered nutritionist with Table Health in Traverse City, is with us with a cream made from sweet potato and carrot soup.

Check out the video to see Carol’s recipe. To connect with Table Health or to book a consultation with Carol Bell, click here.

Here is the full recipe:

3 Large sweet potatoes / yams with orange pulp

• 8 large carrots (wash and rinse, we recommend saving the pods as they are the most nutritious part of the vegetable)

• 1 liter of oats or another type of nut milk

• 1 tbsp cumin

• 1 teaspoon of cinnamon

• 1 teaspoon ground rosemary

• Fresh cracked pepper and salt to taste

• Water as needed to mix

Instructions per table health:

Fry sweet potatoes / yams and carrots in the oven until tender for optimal flavor (low and slow). When toasted, simply cut the carrots and sweet potatoes in half lengthways and place them cut-side down on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Bake at 375 ° C until soft (45 min.). You can lightly oil the cut side, but this is not necessary if you are using parchment paper. You can cook them if you are short on time or don’t have an oven. Mix all the ingredients together (depending on the size of your blender, you will likely need to mix 3-4 batches). Add a little of each seasoning to each batch you mix. If it’s too thick, add water as needed to get the preferred consistency. You can also use more nut milk if you want a very creamy and rich soup. After mixing, pour into a stock pot to restore the desired temperature before serving. Add toppings as you wish (crispy chickpeas, black lentils, microgreens, cilantro, parsley, and many others are examples of great toppings!)