Colorado Spirit affords wholesome lifestyle suggestions for resilience this spring – from Hannah Harn


As spring rolls into the Rockies, the warm weather comes with a recovery from the pandemic. The distribution of vaccines continues to grow, and people 16 and older can now be vaccinated with COVID-19 nationwide.

Courtesy of Solvista Health and the Colorado Spirit Program.

Solvista Health’s Colorado Spirit program continues to provide counseling and other support services to individuals, families, agencies and businesses as they confront the pandemic. The Colorado Spirit team can help companies and their employees balance their work and personal lives, adapt to pandemic-induced changes and new norms in the workplace. The team also assists several vaccination centers in Chaffee, Custer, Fremont and Lake Counties in assisting local authorities.

Colorado Spirit offers a range of services for those in need, from resources and tips on how to care for yourself, to free advice and support. Your online tool, My strength, provides resources to help users manage stress and anxiety, recharge their mood, and get involved with their goals.

As communities recover, both mentally and physically, from the COVID-19 pandemic, Colorado Spirit and Solvista are focusing on resilience and setting four starting steps:

  • Build connections and relationships with others: Prioritize spending time with friends and family, or join a group with whom you share beliefs, interests, or goals.
  • Establish healthy physical and mental habits: Staying active is a great way to improve mental and physical health. So take 30 minutes each day to exercise. Make sure your diet is consistent and balanced, including protein, healthy carbohydrates, fruits, vegetables, and plenty of water. Practice staying in the present by taking the time to put your phone and other distractions aside. Focus on your thoughts and feelings without judging yourself and try journaling, meditation, breathing exercises, or prayer to develop a sense of self-awareness.
  • Avoid negative sockets: Focus on creating healthy habits and connections that will help you cope and grow during difficult times. While alcohol, drugs, and other substances may be tempting, they do not aid healthy navigation through difficulty.
  • Set goals: Set achievable goals that you can work on a little every day, even small steps, to get closer to your goal.

Community members can visit Solvista Health Facebook page See two current programs that focus on resilience and healthy habits. Solvista Health also offers one Mental health first aid course Familiarize participants with risk factors and red flags for mental health problems.

Interested parties should call to speak to an advisor or to schedule a virtual presentation. For more information or to connect with the Colorado Spirit Team, visit their website, call 719-275-2351.