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When Kesya Le Coz and her four children found out about the Ocean Friendly Alberni clean-up operations, they signed up immediately.

As avid campers and hikers, the Le Coz / Raymond family have learned how tidying up can be fun. Instead of “unpacking what they are packing,” they prefer to “packing more than they are” because it is fun to do it together and it is fun to make a difference, says Le Coz.

At home, Le Coz teaches her children about the effects of plastic and pollution. Now the children prefer to buy in thrift stores and recycle everything. They have fun organizing the “potluck” swaps of clothes, toys, and jewelry, and they go to the library for puzzles and board games.

“That way we can all enjoy something new without the whole wrap,” she says. Le Coz admits that they are far from perfect and that they have a lot of work to do. She says that the children get sad when they go somewhere they’ve cleaned up and see more trash lying around.

“Maybe some people don’t know how to use trash cans,” one of her little ones suggested.

What made the family happy was the appreciation and friendliness they received during their tidying up adventure. One gentleman was so grateful for their efforts that he bought the family an ice cream.

This Saturday, August 7th, at 1 p.m., there will be another sea cleaning in the Harbor Quay Marina. People are invited to bring items picked up along the coast to the check-in in the marina for sorting, recording and disposal.

To register for the Ocean Friendly Cleanup Event on August 7th or to learn more, please visit: Transition Town, Alberni Website: Ocean Friendly Port Alberni Facebook: https: // www.facebook .com / groups / 914558439277156 Or email:

Ocean Friendly Cleanup Port Alberni is a cooperation between Transition Town Alberni, the Alberni Aquarium and Surfrider Canada.

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