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Curry has to carry the gate load for Golden State

Curry has seen your tweets and is out for revenge

The Golden State Warriors competed against the Portland Trail Blazers in two consecutive games, both at the Chase Center, to usher in the new year. After the Blazers took the first battle handy, Steph Curry and the Warriors had the last laugh and won 137-122.

The Bay Area superstar made a spectacular contribution, scoring a whopping 62 points on an impressive 18-31 off the field. Curry just couldn’t be stopped, making one difficult shot after another, and fearlessly attacking the edge throughout the game. It’s important to note that Curry’s ability to run a team with minimal help had been questioned by fans and the media days before that career night. When asked the following day at his post-workout press conference whether any part of his performance felt personal to him after the slander he received the week before, Curry replied, “Que the Jordan meme, right? I take it all personally. “Safe to say he heard the sound and responded great. Steve Kerr also weighed after training, remarking, “It’s just a privilege to coach him. Not only because of his talent, but also because he supports and guides himself. “

Three games later, the Warriors hosted the Los Angeles Clippers, who had just won the first of two home games at Golden State. The Clippers built a big lead in the middle of the third quarter, with 22 points being the biggest lead of the night. All of a sudden the Clippers started fighting offensively and the dubs comeback became a real possibility. At the beginning of the fourth quarter, the lead had been reduced to just six points. The Clippers were unable to regain their rhythm or momentum as they were beaten in the last quarter with 34:18 points. Stephen Curry turned the lights off again, scoring 38 points and leaving the distance at 9/14 as he led his team to a big comeback win.

The players face myriad obstacles during the regular season, with criticism being one of the most difficult factors to escape. Stephen Curry is no exception, has taken the words of the doubters and turned them into motivation, and that was shown in his most recent piece. With Klay Thompson’s injury sidelining him for the season, expectations for Curry have risen significantly. Being one of the best players on a team that defeated three Lebron James Cavalier teams in the NBA Finals is an overwhelming achievement that inevitably raises the bar. Fair or not, Curry, like all NBA greats, is under scrutiny, especially those who break down barriers and change the way the game is played.

The Dubs have won four of their last five games, in large part due to Curry’s goal break and the increased productivity of those around him. Although it was an up and down at the start of the season, the team is at 6-4 and 5th seed in the Western Conference. Steph Curry and the Warriors will love a lot but also try a lot to correct as they continue their recent momentum in a matchup against the Indiana Pacers this Tuesday before taking to the streets for their next three games. The NBA season is still very young, only time will tell how things develop for Golden State and the rest of the league.