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On Saturday, the Iowa State Creamery was open from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. to celebrate the launch of their new ice cream flavor, created by Iowa State Alumnus Kyven Gadson.

Gadson graduated from the state of Iowa in 2014, won an NCAA championship in 2015, and then qualified for the US national team in 2021. He is the second Olympic substitute in wrestling.

Gadson worked with the Iowa State Creamery to create his signature flavor, Champion Chip Kyven Dough.

“Cookie dough has always been my favorite. Growing up I loved cookies, I loved ice cream,” said Gadson.

The Iowa State Creamery serves a variety of Iowa State-inspired ice creams.

Students and wrestling fans looked forward to not only tasting the ice cream, but also visiting Gadson, who was taking pictures with fans there.

“I heard about it from Kyven Gadson myself, I follow him on Instagram and he started posting about it a while ago,” said Mike Gerhardt, senior in supply chain management. “I’ve been following the wrestling team since he’s been here and then I heard they did and I thought [that’s pretty cool]. “

Gadson gave the traditional cookie dough a twist by loading it with many toppings: cookie dough, chocolate chips, and dulce de leche.

Kyven Gadson

In addition to making his own ice cream, Kyven Gadson visited fans attending the Iowa State Creamery on Saturday.

The combination of flavors made for an almost frappuccino-like taste. The caramel, mixed with undertones of coffee, emphasized this unique variant of the cookie ice cream. While the flavors all worked together, adding the chocolate chips was a bit unnecessary due to the already extreme sweetness from the Dulce de Leche.

Gadson studied child, adult, and family ministries as an Iowa student. He attended the Graduate School for University Management and Learning and founded the in 2020 together with Erica Andorf Be a rare initiative, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting healthy social and emotional learning through creative opportunities.

For the future, Gadson has plans to pursue his career goals in wrestling.

Ice cream

Kyven Gadson’s signature taste is a unique twist on the traditional cookie ice cream.

“I will still be training at the Olympic training center and doing other things and pursuing this dream for Paris in 2024,” said Gadson.

Final verdict on Champion Chip Kyven Dough: 9/10