Business bookings for train and leisure actions in parks and air sprays for Gypsy Moth – Metropolis of Mississauga


This week, the council approved alternative booking rooms and prices for workout fitness and recreational activities and instructed staff to start budgeting and planning for an airborne spray of Bacillus thuringiensis kurstak (BTK) in 2022.

“We are very happy about the reopening and continue to adhere to the applicable provincial regulations. However, we remain cautious as the more transferable Delta variant continues to circulate in our community. As we work towards a full reopening, I am pleased that we are making space for commercial fitness providers to use our parks until indoor activities are safe again. Fitness and recovery are of great importance to physical and mental health at any age. It is important that we do all we can to provide fitness and recreation in our community while also helping small business owners, ”said Mayor Bonnie Crombie. “Unfortunately, many stores in Mississauga are still closed in step one. And we look forward to further progress as the summer months begin. I remind everyone to continue doing their part by getting their vaccine and complying with applicable regulations. “

Commercial bookings for training and recreational activities in parks

The council has agreed to offer commercial classroom groups alternative booking rooms and prices for classroom fitness and recreational activities in parks for steps 1 and 2 of the provincial reopening plan. The alternate booking rooms will help residents exercise and allow local businesses to keep operations in the community until the interiors are allowed to open. Lessons can be booked at a lower price in communal facilities, and facility minimum booking times are removed.

advice approves a fee schedule for parks and fields for 2021.

fee quantity
Parking Permit – Permission for teaching classes $ 39.41 / hr (larger facilities in the target park).
Parking permit & nominal fee $ 176.49 / day
Parking permit $ 176.49 / day
Artificial field $ 190.16 / hr
Big soccer field $ 21.32 / hr
Small soccer field $ 9.52 / hr

Air spray 2022

The council directed staff to move ahead with budgeting and planning for an air spraying of BTK in 2022 for gypsy moth-infested areas due to negative effects on the city’s canopy. Employees come back for review with a budget and plan.

The application was made by Councilor Karen Ras of Ward 2.

Retail sales of cannabis

June 2021, the council voted in the main committee to continue to prohibit retail cannabis stores in Mississauga. The council passed a decision in December 2018 to opt out and not allow privately owned retail cannabis stores in Mississauga.

The council today approved a motion calling for the province to reconsider and reconsider the exclusive powers of the Ontario Alcohol and Gambling Commission over the zoning of legal cannabis retail stores recognize the role of communities.

The application was made by local councilor Ron Starr.

Mask statutes

The city’s previous Mandatory Face Covering Ordinance has been amended and renamed the Mandatory Face Mask Ordinance and extended until September 30, 2021.

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