Blue Apron is partnering with Chef Sam Kass to deliver their versatile cooking strategy to kitchens throughout the nation


NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE) – Blue Apron (NYSE: APRN) is partnering with former White House senior policy advisor and head chef Sam Kass to bring his flexible, non-mandated approach to cooking to kitchens across the country. The Blue Apron x Chef Sam Kass menu, which can be ordered now, offers high-quality ingredients and customizable recipes that are designed for adaptability and balance.

“Throughout my career, I’ve seen the benefits that nutritious, whole foods and a variety of lean proteins, fresh produce, and whole grains can have,” said Chef Sam Kass. “Working with Blue Apron, we wanted to highlight simple steps that can make a big difference in your overall health and lifestyle. We have developed easy-to-replicate, customizable recipes to show that delicious, flavourful food can be approachable and straightforward. ”

Created in collaboration with the team of cooking and nutrition experts at Blue Apron, this collaborative menu allows customers to experience recipes that are fundamental building blocks in the kitchen so they can learn, grow and develop lifelong skills . Blue Apron x Chef Sam Kass’s recipes are also customizable by choosing between two protein options so customers can personalize their recipes based on their preferences. For extra variety, Chef Sam Kass has created three add-ons, an easy way to add a starter or side dish to your box to create a well-rounded meal.

“Cooking with fresh ingredients can have positive effects on life, from participating in the cooking process to choosing a recipe and its components,” said John Adler, vice president of culinary at Blue Apron. “When we designed these recipes with Chef Sam Kass, we wanted to enable our customers to cook more by giving them access to quality ingredients with the flexibility to choose proteins to include in their recipes, and add a starter or side dish to your food. ”

On September 14th, Blue Apron is hosting a free live virtual cooking class with Chef Sam Kass in support of Partnership for a Healthier America (PHA) to raise awareness and funding for their recent Pass the Love w / Waffles + Mochi initiative. to sharpen. This campaign was designed by PHA, former PHA First Lady and Honorary Chairwoman Michelle Obama, and Higher Ground Productions to bring the joy of eating and cooking to families across the country. To learn more, visit:

The Blue Apron x Chef Sam Kass recipes will be available through the website and mobile app for three consecutive weeks through September 20th and will be available on the Signature Menu for two and four servings. Recipes include:

  • Roasted sweet potatoes, spinach & olive and date sauce, served with a choice of antibiotic-free chicken or flank steak from pasture-raised

  • Barley pesto with tomato and corn relish, served with a choice of BAP-certified shrimp or antibiotic-free chicken

  • Mushroom farro risotto, which is served with a serving of cider pork chops or BAP-certified Atlantic salmon

Blue Apron x Chef Sam Kass add-ons include:

  • Charred zucchini crostini with ricotta and Calabrian chile vinaigrette

  • Cannellini salad with oregano, lemon & feta

  • Fried broccoli and radish salad

Visit to learn more about Blue Apron’s partnership with Chef Sam Kass.

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Blue Apron’s vision is “a better life through better food”. Launched in 2012, Blue Apron offers fresh, chef-designed recipes that enable home cooks to spark their culinary curiosity and challenge their skills to see what cooking quality food can do in their lives. Through its mission of creating discovery, connection, and joy through cooking, Blue Apron is continually focused on delivering incredible recipes to its customers while minimizing its carbon footprint, reducing food waste, and promoting diversity and inclusion.