Blackwood SJ Health Problem for the British Coronary heart Basis


A GROUP of women raised over £ 1,000 for the British Heart Foundation in memory of one of their fathers.

Louise Lassman of Blackwood recently lost her father to a heart attack and was in shock at the sudden loss. She said, “Since his funeral, I’ve been sitting around wondering what to do to move forward.

“I came up with a great fundraising idea that not only raises money for a wonderful cause, but also helps people become more active, lift their spirits, energize and help them lose weight, and my dad’s name at the same time to keep them alive. ”

She reached out to members of SJ-Fitness in Blackwood – of which she is a member – and nine of them attended 30 workouts in 30 days between May 4th and June 3rd.

Along with Ms. Lassman on the challenge were Nadine Wood, Emma Stevens, Jayne Reynolds, Mel Reynolds, Jess Froud-Powell, Joanne Cegielski, Natalie Dunn and Sam Connell – a personal trainer and owner of SJ-Fitness.


“Our training group is much more than just a training group,” said Ms. Lassman. “We’re a group of women based in Blackwood. We are all ages, shapes and sizes. We support each other and the exercise helps us to stay fit and build strength, but it also builds friendships and promotes well-being and that’s exactly what I just needed. ”

Upon completing the challenge, the group raised £ 1,050, completed a total of 380 hours of exercise, and burned 70,000 calories. In accordance with the Covid rules, most of the courses were held online.

“It went really well,” said Ms. Lassman. “It really motivated us all and for me it was something that I could really focus on and focus on.

“The end of the challenge was so emotional that we really gave it our all. I am so proud of our performance and I cannot thank the SJ Fitness team enough for joining me and supporting me through this difficult time.

“The money we raised makes me feel like I’ve done something useful, and I have my father’s name engraved on the British Heart Foundation’s Heart of Steel, which is beautiful.

“I’m sure my father would be very proud of our performance.”