Avon Lake Indepence Village hosts Lamborghini rides for residents | lifestyle


Independence Village, located at 345 Lear Road in Avon Lake, allowed residents to enjoy snacks and sunshine as they drove fast and furiously in a Lamborghini.

As part of a series of Italian celebrations, Independence Village, a residential community for seniors, has chosen an Italian sports car to complement it on June 15th.

“We’re always trying to bring new experiences to our residents,” said Emily Goers, director of Senior Life Enrichment at Independence Village.

The event was originally scheduled for June 2nd but has been postponed to June 15th due to the weather.

Since many local residents are car enthusiasts, Goers thought it was the perfect activity.

“We just wanted to get her to cruise, get some fresh air, and have fun,” she said.

The Lamborghini was made available by 7th Gear Exotics in Groveport.

The management team took turns driving the seniors down Lake Road for a 10-minute drive.

“We only want to offer them the best opportunities in life, and our employees just as much enjoy getting out and cruising,” said Goers.

After a year of being closed to the public or having the opportunity to do many activities due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, she said she looked forward to doing more with her residents.

“It’s a combination of trying to enjoy simple things, like picnicking in the sun, and then doing things like this to get you out of your comfort zone,” she said.

She believes that at such events, residents are not just spectators, but important decision-makers.

“Our residents inspire us,” said Goers. “We wanted to bring something with us that you might never have thought you would have the opportunity.”

In addition to the 10-minute spray rides, residents were offered Peach Bellini and a selection of refreshments before ending the day with an Italian feast.