American Express Review: Bread Cashback card


The bread cashback Amexcard is a great way earn rewards points on everyday purchases. You’ll get 2 points per $1 you spend on groceries, gas, and other everyday expenses with this card. You’ll also get $25 after you spend $500 within your first 3 months. There’s also no annual fee. This is a great way of earning rewards and not having to pay extra fees.

Benefits offered by the Bread Cashback Cards

You can use this card to get Amex Rewards, which are discounts and rewards for shopping at participating restaurants. You can access Amex Offers with this card, which allows you to receive discounts or cashback on certain purchases if you activate it before you make any purchase.

Amex offers another benefit: 20% off your bill, or a free appetizer at participating restaurants. This is possible through Amex’s partnership to Resy. On the American Express website, you can search for deals and locations in eligible restaurants. There are not many restaurants that offer these additional benefits, and they are limited to major U.S. cities. Options are also limited in metropolitan areas.

Purchase protection against theft or damage for 90 days following a purchase is made. This coverage is valid for up $1,000 per loss, and up $50,000 per cardholder account each 12 months. You can also receive secondary rental insurance (up to $50,000 per rental) for travel protection.

What Credit Score Is Required To Apply

A minimum credit score is 660 to get the Amex bread cashback Amex cards. A higher credit score may allow you to qualify for a greater bonus offer. After you have spent $1,000 the first 3 months, you could be eligible to receive a $50 bonus.

How to apply for a Bread Cashback Amex

Bread Financial is big on prescreened deals. To learn more about the prescreened offers, click on the “Received one in the mail” link. To get started, enter the prescreen ID and text the Bread Cashback card’s homepage

A prescreened offer does not necessarily mean that your application is accepted. However, unless there are significant changes in your creditworthiness between the date it extends the offer to you and the time when you apply, the issuer may honor the offer. Bread will have some of your information already so you don’t have to spend time filling out an application or waiting for a decision.

If you’re applying for the Bread Cashback Card, it is worth taking advantage of a prescreened offer. If you were not screened, reconsider your decision. You could be subject to a hard credit inquiry, which could affect your credit score and your ability of qualifying for other credit products.

The Downsides of Bread Cashback American Express Credit Card

The Bread Cashback American Express Credit Card is not as popular as other cash-back credit cards. The Bread Cashback American Express Credit Card does not offer a sign-up bonus or an intro 0% APR for purchases or balance transfers.

If you are looking for rewards credit cards without an annual fee, there are many that offer 0% APR on balance transfers and purchases. You will also receive a welcome offer of between $150 and $200 if you spend at least $100 within the first month.

You can also redeem your cash back credit card rewards for gift cards, merchandise, and travel.