AlphaVector India CEO thinks cooking is a great way to relax


Sachin Chopra, co-founder and CEO of AlphaVector India, found the boil during the pandemic rejuvenation. He bought a lot of Le Creuset gear. He said that proper execution of the technique can provide a lifetime warranty on kitchen appliances.
Bike tour
“I love exploring places on my ninety-one bike. There is nothing better than riding a bike with the wind in your hair. It gives you the freedom to stop and appreciate what you are seeing. I am definitely looking forward to cycling some of my favorite wine regions like Chianti, Montepulciano and Burgundy and enjoying great food paired with even better wine. ”

Next vacation
“My choice would be Slovenia and my vacation colleagues would be my wife and children. The pandemic made me discover my love and admiration, being close to nature and being outside again. I plan to land in Ljubljana and cycle to Lake Bled for over two weeks. I love the landscape; There is great food, cheese and wine along the way and is a great opportunity to have a wonderful time with the family while enjoying the outdoors at its best. ”

Fitness routine
“To be honest, I don’t miss training in the gym anymore. I treat myself to a mix of outdoor cycling and indoor push-ups. I’ve got far better results and I train a lot more thanks to an outdoor shot. The only thing I wouldn’t say no to is a spa treatment after a 100km bike ride. After all, those aching calves and shoulders would love such treatment. ”

to eat out
“My favorite place in Mumbai is Americano – they have great food and great wines. But more importantly, I love the atmosphere there. It reminds me of my favorite New York City restaurant – the Gramercy Tavern, which my wife Ashani and I frequented when we lived there. ”

Wine cooler and dishwasher …
“My favorite shopping destinations are Amsterdam and New York. I love that you can explore both big brands and boutiques in the same place. Shopping in these cities is an experience in itself. Open-air markets are perfect for shopping and walking. The cozy cafes have fantastic street food when you need a quick break. The only thing I bought before the lockdown is the Dyson vacuum cleaner, which lets you admire what good tech is all about. In retrospect, it would have been great if I had bought a good dishwasher too. I look forward to buying a quality wine cooler with multiple temperature zones. A red wine that is cared for and served at the right temperature is simply much nicer. ”

Technical investments
“With 3 US patents in my kitten, I’ve always been a fan of good technology and engineering. I think my AirPods and Specter laptop helped me out during the WFH period. The only thing I miss the most is a stable high-speed internet connection. ”

New hobbies
“I’ve always loved cooking and found this to be a great way to relax. I think it’s wise to invest in high quality kitchen appliances. there is a long way to go. I bought quite a lot of Le Creuset gear. You need to get your tech done right when you give a lifetime warranty on your kitchen equipment – and this brand is all about quality products. ”

Lockdown Skills: Swati Piramal learned the science behind making gelato, Vika’s Khanna Master …

Mastering a new skill

Top executives tell us how they kept busy during the embargo.

The three months of the coronavirus-induced lockdown have been a productive time for India’s leading business leaders who have ventured outside of their comfort zones to learn new skills.

Here the top bosses speak in their own words about what they have mastered.

The vegan way

Yash Dongre General Manager at Anita Dongre’s home

“I have honed my baking skills. Although my wife Benaisha and I are not vegan, the rest of the house is. During the lockdown, vegan baking was the focus. Benaisha makes the best chocolate mousse cake. It’s made from dates, almond flour, and coconut milk – it’s a huge hit. I find baking therapeutic. It is a precise activity where the result is just as perfect as the work that goes into it. If you follow the directions, the end result will be good. I love that.”

Cube control

Radhika Ghai, co-founder of ShopClues

“I learned how to solve the Rubik’s Cube in 60 seconds. I am also passionate about doing crossword puzzles. I read a lot. Staying home gave me the time and leisure to deal with the things left behind and the invaluable lessons I learned. It was great to get rid of the baggage, mental and physical, that I was carrying. “


Suresh Rajan Founder, LCR Capital Partners

“I’ve mastered the art of holding conference calls and taking video calls on the treadmill. I am sure it is a distraction for many, but I find it a productive and necessary evil. “

Cool quotient

Dr. Swati Piramal, Vice Chairman of Piramal Enterprises

“Make gelatos with exotic flavors such as sambuca, golden gooseberries or gold-spotted caramel. Making ice cream is like chemistry. It is very precise and depends on the titration of the flavors. “