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Kimi Maines, a performance dietitian, may be new to Robins Air Force Base, Georgia, but she knows what she brings to help the base military personnel achieve their nutrition and fitness goals.

As a performance dietitian, Maines is also a registered board certified sports dietitian who has earned the leading professional sports performance qualification in the U.S. board certification as a sports diet specialist. She is qualified to provide safe, effective, and evidence-based nutritional services for health, fitness, and athletic performance.

Maines joined Robins Health Promotions in late June after leaving a similar job at Fort Bliss, El Paso, Texas.

Military culture and surroundings, as well as their love for the geography of the Southeast, the weather, and the outdoor adventure opportunities drew them to the Middle Georgia community.

With a passion for nutrition and fitness, Maines is excited to serve at Robins.

“I’m a very progressive and dynamic nutritionist,” she said. “I take pride in challenging the traditional approach to healthcare. I believe that every single aviator has unique strengths and goals that I can support in improving, optimizing and achieving. “

Just like others, Maines has its own nutritional weaknesses.

“I’m not the food police,” she said. “I have a voracious sweet and salty tooth.”

However, Maines knows how to keep cravings at bay so they don’t sabotage her healthy lifestyle. It’s one of the many skills she can teach service members.

“I love empowering airmen to have lasting confidence in their ability to lead healthy, balanced lifestyles,” she said. “I plan to motivate airmen to eat healthily by showing them how easy, simple, budget-friendly and sustainable it is to adopt and maintain healthy eating and exercise habits.”

The 27-year-old native of Vancouver, British Columbia, said Robins Health Promotions has a variety of established nutrition and fitness programs that she’ll use to help airmen.

“As a nutritionist with Health Promotions, I have the opportunity to work personally with airmen on any nutritional issue and / or goal,” she said. “I teach a variety of nutritional training courses, direct nutrition and fitness optimization programs and certifications, and am the expert who helps Airmen achieve each of their unique and individual health and fitness goals.”

Maines also has her own techniques for helping customers.

“I hope to offer a strong performance nutrition program to the grassroots, with the intent of improving grassroots operational capability and lethality by helping Airmen achieve their best health and performance potential,” she said. “My most important job as a basic dieter is to train and support our airmen in using the extensive resources available to them to ensure ultimate health and performance success in their current Air Force careers and beyond.”

Maines plans to develop nutrition and fitness extender courses, improve dining facilities, establish dedicated physical training programs, and begin offering resource navigation coaching.

Maines also plans to address some problem areas among the base military population in the near future.

“The biggest problem I’ve seen is a lack of time management, complacency, and sugar intake from energy drinks and food,” she said. “I plan to address these concerns by offering targeted courses and one-on-one appointments to address them.”

Good nutrition is the cornerstone of optimal function and performance, Maines said.

“Practicing good eating habits improves sleep, exercise, performance results, quality of life, daily energy and mood,” she said.

Although Maines Robins has a lot going for it, she realizes there is still more to learn.

“People in general inspire me,” she said. “I love being able to educate, but I also love learning from my patients and those I meet. I inspire myself professionally. I never stop learning and gaining knowledge. When you stop thirsting for knowledge, your life ends. “

For more information on Robins Health Promotions nutrition and fitness programs and services, call Maines at 478-327-7237 or email