A report on the skilled lifetime of the health coach


Javed Younas

Asif Butt is a fitness trainer who works at Suk Chan Wellness, which you can find in Lahore. While you might think this is easy access to a gym in Pakistan, there is so much more to the program itself than that.

Asif Butt, also known as AB, is a 14-time national wushu champion named the top ten fitness trainers in the world by Penny magazine.

He is also certified in the UK and has an impressive portfolio of celebrity clients, from Kabadi champions to high profile celebrities. You can find all of his work on his Instagram.

To put its status into perspective, AB was recently elected Vice President of the Pakistan Bodybuilding Federation, which is affiliated with the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness and the Asian Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness. Not to mention that he’s also affiliated with the Pakistan Olympics Association.

Often referred to as “A Life Changer” by colleagues and previous clients, AB is a world-renowned fitness trainer based in Lahore, Pakistan.

The UK in particular and publications in the US have listed AB among the top coaches around the world when it comes to getting someone’s body in shape. Not only that, but in the shortest possible time and with the least sluggish methods.

AB emphasizes the difference between just losing weight and trying to get an optimal body. According to the UK certified fitness trainer, losing weight is actually the easy part.

The difficulty is in sculpting your own body to a certain standard and criteria that other bodybuilders would greatly appreciate.

However, we would like to emphasize the word sculpture here. As AB points out, he wants all of his customers, and people in general, to be comfortable with their own bodies at all times.

Whether it’s a body that highlights bulging muscles to look impressive on the bench press, or a simple slim body that someone can fit into any shirt size.

AB’s goal is to help you achieve the body you want, rather than an objective view of how a person should be in shape.

A healthy lifestyle is what he wants for you…. one that requires willpower and dedication to achieve it. A way of life where you have to be careful about what you eat and what you do in your daily life.

Whether it’s about intense cardio and pads for a boxing career, or strength training and exercise to get the power boost you’ve craved since childhood. None of these goals are out of reach for you under the guidance of AB.

The 14-time national champion of wushu competition, AB didn’t exactly have a paved path to itself either.

He started his journey from humble beginnings and has managed to maintain that humility and humility throughout his life.

Whether this was in trouble, such as his parents’ deaths, or close to bankruptcy, AB never gave up and kept climbing the mountain he was standing on.

You don’t see a man like that often, and now he’s offering to train everyone else who wants to climb the same mountain.

AB has not only trained ordinary people, under his direction are some celebrities like the Kabadi world champion Shafiq Christi and the actress and fitness advocate Sana Fakhar.

The regimen and the latter’s fitness achievements are actually going viral until people want to know who trained them. Now you know it was Asif Butt.