7 luxurious residence health machines that can assist you enhance your health


With its chic and contemporary design, the Ubarre weight can serve as a decorative work of art when not in use. Image: Equipt

By Cheryl Lai-Lim

May 14, 2021

Lockdown or not, keep fit from the comfort of your home with these luxury fitness machines and equipments


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Under the new tightened measures to curb the transmission of Covid-19 in the community, the government has announced the temporary closure of gyms and fitness facilities.

An updated opinion released on May 7th showed that private gyms and gyms are now allowed to engage in low-intensity physical activities. However, these low-risk activities must be performed without the use of equipment, and workouts that involve any type of equipment are not permitted.

With fitness facilities across the island waiting to reopen, working out at home is the safest option right now. If you don’t want to invest in a huge fitness machine that takes up a huge amount of space, turn to these compact, luxury exercise machines instead. Combining design and sportiness, these wearable pieces can deliver an equally intense welding session.

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With its futuristic and innovative design, the SmartRope helps improve your home fitness routine. Image: Apple

The handles of the SmartRope are each equipped with two ball bearings for a smooth and stable grip. Image: Tangram Factory

Take your cardio workout to the next level with this smart jump rope. A combination of sleek style and advanced technology, Tangram Factory’s LED version of the Smart Rope has 23 embedded LED lights connected to magnetic sensors. The modernist design shows your fitness data while jumping in the air and allows you to seamlessly track your training pace.

Tangram Factory’s LED Smart Rope contains embedded LED lights that display your fitness data while jumping in the air. Image: Tangram Factory

The handles of the smart rope are equipped with two sets of ball bearings. This helps reduce friction while allowing a smooth grip and stable rope rotation throughout the workout. The smooth movement and the correct rope angle also help to reduce possible stress on the wrist when jumping rope. Built-in sensors continuously track the position of the rope, enable precise movement tracking and deliver effective training.

Available from Apple

The medicine ball is hand-filled with organic kapok and weighs a total of 4.5 kg. Image: physics

The Bonn Medicine Ball by Fysik embodies the brand’s commitment to combine style and function. Image: physics

Fysik’s pieces are known for their timeless collection of chic training equipment and combine both aesthetics and athletics. The goal of the brand to create functional fitness pieces is realized through the combination of contemporary design with practical fitness equipment. Each piece is carefully handcrafted from the finest materials and can be customized to suit different needs and requirements.

The Bonn medicine ball made of real leather is permanently sewn twice by hand and filled with organic kapok – a silky fiber from the silk cotton tree. With its Debonair design and a weight of 4.5 kg, the stylish medicine ball will help you achieve your endurance training in style.

Available from Ssense

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The Ubarre weight combines form and function, helping to stretch and tone your muscles. Image: Equipt

With its chic and contemporary design, the Ubarre weight can serve as a decorative work of art when not in use. Image: Equipt

At first glance, the Ubarre might be mistaken for a decorative decor rather than a training device. The Ubarre weight comes in a variety of metallic accents and finishes and could be considered an artistic sculpture. Aside from its sleek design, the U-shaped weight increases your workout with its hippocrepiform shape that will challenge your strength and endurance. The weight portability also allows you to exercise wherever and whenever you want.

Available from Equipt

Bala’s Power Ring Set contains three different weights for different training requirements. Image: Bala

The weighted ring offers an alternative to typical weights and helps to tone and strengthen the core. Image: Bala

Spice up your workout routine with a fitness ring. As a versatile alternative to dumbbells and kettlebells, weighted fitness rings help increase strength, flexibility, endurance and balance. The Power Ring Set from Bala has three different concentric weights that are the perfect accessory for workouts like squats, presses and swings.

The ergonomic design of the rings is made of recycled stainless steel that is wrapped in baby-soft silicone. It enables even weight distribution during exercise. The easy-to-use weights are ideal for compound exercises and come in two different color sets.

Available from Bala

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Get your strength training done with these chic dumbbells from acclaimed British designer Tom Dixon. These rock weights are carved from marble slabs, and therefore each weight has different patterns and textures with individual uniqueness. When not using them for a workout, the weights can also serve as sculptural statements on your shelf.

Available from Tom Dixon

With an innovative 3D design, the yoga mat guides you in different yoga orientations while ensuring that your shape is correct and consistent. Image: Lululemon

The Take Form yoga mat in Spiced Chai, available in five different patterns, is dipped in a rosy, millennial pink. Image: Lululemon

The Lululemon Take Form yoga mat has a unique 3D textured padding and allows you to smoothly align yoga poses and positions without disrupting the flow. The iconic favorite sports brand has developed an integrated 3D design that features an innovative wave composition on the mat.

These surface alignment marks help guide yogis effortlessly into the most optimal and accurate body positioning across various yoga poses while keeping the shape constantly aligned. Over time, this naturally becomes a muscle memory. The intuitive yoga mat made from sustainable natural rubber is ideal for practicing yoga at home without a teacher to help with adjustments.

Available from Lululemon

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The Lova kettlebells from luxury fitness equipment manufacturer Pent put an end to the perception that all kettlebells look boring. The shiny metallic base gives the weighted gear a stylish touch, while the American-oiled walnut handle feels smooth and offers a firm and natural grip. With the range of weights and styles available, you will reach new levels of fitness.

Available from Pent