5 tips for good eggs; Brunch Toast: Cooking with Courtney


Brunch season is HEEERE!

Are you a sweet or savory brunch person? I almost always like egg dishes. Eggs are my standby because a) they’re usually in my fridge, b) are generally nutritious and filling, and c) aren’t overly complicated to prepare.

But there’s nothing routine about this fancy breakfast toast on sourdough (or whatever you like best). Easy to prepare in a pinch and so pretty that your guests may not even notice that it’s basically scrambled eggs and a series of carefully chosen, random ingredients on toast.

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Speaking of eggs, I’m sharing five tricks to make sure you’re getting the perfect soft scrambled eggs! Not uncooked or rubbery, over-cooked eggs. Just perfect, pillow-like goodness.

The eggs are topped with cherry tomatoes in balsamic vinegar, which gives this recipe a salty, sweet taste. Arugula brings a peppery taste and a satisfying, bright dash of color to your plate.

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