5 health applications which might be trending for restoration after Covid-19


If the pandemic has taught us anything, it is that health comes first. Covid-19 affects everyone differently and, even after recovery, can affect several vital organs such as the heart and kidneys in the short to medium term. Therefore, how you manage your health at this stage is of the utmost importance to your life to come. “Fitness is holistic and includes the well-being of body and mind. Once you have recovered from Covid-19, your fitness program should focus on cleansing and strengthening your vital organs, exercising your musculoskeletal system, and realigning your mind to be positive and peaceful, ”says Dr. Mickey Mehta, the world’s leading holistic health guru and corporate life coach. Here are five fitness trends that have become the go-to place for health enthusiasts after the pandemic.

Online yoga classes

“The yoga posture exercises help with pulmonary rehabilitation and increase your vital capacity. You don’t need expensive equipment, nor do you have to go outside. More and more people are taking online yoga classes, ”says Dr. Mehta adds, “It’s best to start with simple but effective postures that not only relieve you of back pain, but also strengthen your cardiovascular muscles, which are essential in maintaining the health of several vital organs, including the lungs.” Pranayama is another deep breathing yoga practice, while meditation helps relieve stress. “It helps to save energy and strengthens our mind and body with the goodness of cosmic energy. Meditation has not only proven to be great psychologically, it also has physiological effects and ultimately has an impact on the function of several vital organs, ”says the doctor.

To go biking

The pandemic has attracted several health enthusiasts to take up cycling. “In addition to doing a cardio workout and strengthening the lower body, cycling also helps you achieve balance on a physiological and psychological level. More and more people are choosing to cycle as it is also a great stress reliever and fun activity, ”says Dr. Mehta.

Jumping rope

This age old fun activity is no longer limited to kids. “Jumping rope is great for improving your lymphatic system and basal metabolic rate. It also benefits your brain muscles, as the hopping movement acts like a kind of gentle massage and relieves stress. You will also become more mentally alert and focused, ”he says.

Dry swimming

Many people are still suspicious of swimming pools as they could become potential super spreaders. But did you know that you can practice multiple swimming movements at home even without a pool? “You don’t need a pool because that’s called dry swimming. They imitate swimming without being in the water. Such an exercise will get your limbs going and make a good cardio workout. Make it more fun by involving your family members, ”says the Life Coach.

Eat clean and intermittent fasting

Deep cleansing and healing of the body begins at the cellular level. What you eat and drink, how you do it and at what intervals – all of this contributes to the revitalization of your internal organs and your musculoskeletal system. “After recovery, many people eat clean, unprocessed foods in their natural forms, such as steamed leafy green vegetables, homemade vegetable soup, salads, lentils, and low-fructose fruits. People also include almonds, walnuts, and berries, especially blueberries, in their diet. These are rich in antioxidants and at the same time low in calories, ”says Dr. Mehta. According to him, meat, especially red meat, fried, oily foods, junk foods and carbonated drinks are avoided. “It is also important not to overload your digestive system. People are realizing this, and many are taking up various forms of intermittent fasting. It is done not just for weight loss, but to rejuvenate your body at the cellular level by promoting the release of human growth hormone (HGH). This hormone works to repair and strengthen cells, ligaments, tendons and improve muscle mass. HGH also supports the functioning of several vital organs, ”he says.

One of the main reasons these fitness trends have gained popularity is because they boost immunity, which results in a lower chance of relapse. After all, fitness is more of a lifestyle than a goal.