What’s cooking in Shruti Haasan’s kitchen? No factors to guess


Shruti Haasan and food go hand in hand. The actress loves to cook and her Instagram timeline is proof of that. From baking a vanilla cake to preparing sambar rice, the beauty of the south does everything with the utmost ease and dedication. She currently spends the lockdown with her boyfriend Santanu Hazarika and from time to time gives glimpses of what is being cooked in her kitchen. The newest one is cheese pizza. And, oh boy, it looks yummy. The actress shared a short clip of the delicacy on her Instagram Stories. In the background you can hear Shruti Haasan saying, “I made pizza for dinner. I cut it really ugly, but it tastes so cool. ” Look here:

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Wait, but what about dessert? Don’t worry, Shruti Haasan took care of that too. It’s ice. In the next few stories, the actress opens the door of a freezer and we can see two tubs of ice kept on a rack. The flavors are caramel chew and baked aaska. Isn’t it a perfect date night?

It’s not just Shruti Haasan who likes to cook. The last time it was Santanu who had prepared a hearty meal for them both. Shruti shared the details via Instagram Stories. The platter contained toast and jam, sausages, poached eggs, and watermelon. Along with the video, Shruti said, “The egg was made by Santa (Santanu) and the sausages. Perfect late Sunday brunch with serial killer documentaries … just the way we like it.”

Some time ago Shruti Haasan cooked a Tamil spread for Santanu and himself. In the clip that the actress shared on Instagram Stories, we see a plate of sambar, rice, papad and much more. Shruti gave the video her unique note with background commentary and it reads as follows: “Axomiya boy buckles up for Tamizh-Saapad (Tamil festival).”