The paisley man’s love for household and residential cooking is the proper recipe


A pot of homemade soup on the stove, freshly baked scones, a plate of ground beef and tatties with a slice of bread and butter on the side. For many people, this is the cozy comfort meal of their childhood.

And for paisley man Peter Gilchrist, rummaging through his family cookbooks and popular recipes from his own childhood forms a new online series of films.

Peter started a blog called Tenement Kitchen in 2018, which deals with Scottish cuisine and recipes.

In 2019 he shot a video with Irn Bru donuts for lifestyle website

It went viral with over 2.5 million views on Facebook worldwide.

During the lockdown, he decided to take Scottish food one step further and make a series of mini-documentaries looking at the battered, handwritten cookbooks his grandma lovingly put together.

He said, “I started renting the kitchen in 2018.

“I was at a point in my life where my grandmother had just died, and that’s when families get together and talk about memories they have, and a lot of it is about food and recipes.

“At her funeral everyone talked about her baking.

“I want to see how people feel about the food they grew up with.

“I never met my mother’s mother, but I have her cookbook. “

“Through this blog and videos, I spoke to my mom and dad about their mothers and their kitchens.

“Eating is a really good means of conversation.

“In order not to get too dramatic, it can be beneficial for families to talk about people who are no longer here.”

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Peter’s first series of ten short documentaries is all about family recipes, and the first – Scottish Grannies and Their Scones – has received over 2,200 views since it was released three weeks ago.

Peter’s family Gilchrist scones recipe

He plans to post a video once a month before moving on to the next series, which deals with food and the men in Peter’s life, including his grandfather who was a tomato farmer in Paisley.

Peter, 29, grew up in Paisley and Johnstone and attended Lochfield Primary, Auchenlodment Primary, and then Paisley Grammar.

He works for Renfrewshire Council’s Regeneration Department but has a keen interest in cooking.

He said, “I would like to start writing or creating content on food. It’s a hobby right now, but I’m turning 30 this year. This is my way of getting into food and hopefully doing it in a meaningful way. “

He added, “I would assume everyone has a grandma’s scone recipe, memories of terrible birthday cakes or something like that.

“When you start talking about family recipes, everyone wants to talk about their own.”

Peter said his family was initially unsure about family history, but changed their mind when they saw the first video.

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“My family was cautious at first, but when they saw the movie they really enjoyed it and saw that it was nice to remember,” he said

. “My mother tells me more stories.

“My father’s mother died three years ago. It’s a very nice way to talk about someone, about the food they made and the attention they paid to people.

“You don’t always remember things people said, but you remember how they made you feel.”

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