Salman Khan tries cooking, video goes viral


Salman Khan tries cooking, video goes viral

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan captured the hearts of fans when he tried his hand at cooking and the video of it took the internet by storm.

Salman Khan’s girlfriend and co-star Bina Kak shared the video in which the Sultan actor shows off his culinary skills.

In the video, Khan can be seen making raw onion pickles with simple ingredients.

Salman Khan is heard saying, ‚ÄúThis is Kalonji, onion seed. It should be good for your health. ”

Bina published the video with the headline “Salman, our Harr-Fun-Maula who instantly makes raw onion pickles”.

“Fun-loving, hardworking, outdoors, athletic, painter, actor, singer SK likes to try cooking.”

Salman Khan’s cooking video set the internet on fire and won the hearts of its fans.