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Revive your health routine after a basement burnout


WAUSAU, Wisconsin (WSAW) – After more than a year of training in front of computers and televisions, ordering new equipment, and looking for motivation to keep going, Americans are ready to shake off their “basement burnout.”

So while we’re reversing the pandemic, a new poll from Orangetheory Fitness shows Americans are ready to break out of their home gyms and improve their fitness game. The survey found:

  • 134 million Americans (68%) report that despite their best efforts and intentions, their fitness regimen took a hit during the pandemic
  • 41% are dissatisfied with their current level of activity – an increase from the 34% who felt this way before the pandemic
  • As pandemic restrictions begin to lift, 70% of Americans are longing for their pre-pandemic exercise routine. Some of the elements they missed the most were the studio atmosphere, the professional equipment, and the coaches who train for them
  • 85% are excited and eager to make positive changes to their physical activity
  • 43% plan to set and achieve new fitness goals

Dr. Rachelle Reed, Senior Director of Health, Science & Research at Orangetheory Fitness, has joined Sunrise 7 to share simple fitness boredom busters to help you get back on track.

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