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Brockton, Mass.-Widline Pyrame is a missionary.

“We try to convey the meaning of the expression,” says the 33-year-old.

The journey to the fast growing kiosk business on Westgate Mall in Brockton has long since begun. As a young girl who grew up in Haiti, Widline noticed that all of the dolls she owned were white.

“There was no doll like us,” she told WBZ-TV. Her dolls are all white.

“And I always wanted to straighten my hair because I did a perm when I was young, but I just thought it was cute.”

She’s been carrying the luggage to graduate school since her family moved to the United States as a teenager. There Widline got to know the famous Clark Doll Test while studying social work. This is a psychological experiment from the 1940s in which two married black researchers, Kenneth and Mommy Clark, have both white and black children who attribute positive traits to white dolls and negative traits to black dolls.

Widline wanted to help change that perception. “I told myself that I really wanted to bring a variety of dolls into the community.”

She soon founded Fusion Dolls, offering a variety of dolls with different skin tones and hair types.

“One of the most important things is that you can actually straighten your hair,” says Widline. “You can knit, twist, or wash it.”

Each doll has its own story that strengthens young children. Angels, for example, are black dolls who initially didn’t like their hair, but gradually began to love it.

And now the merger is booming. Widline sells more than 2,000 dolls and makes enough money to hire a small staff. She has opened two kiosks in Westgate Mall and will soon be opening a whole store there.

“I was very excited to see the children and their faces when I saw our dolls,” she said. “Little girl, mom on my birthday. She gave me a doll and she came back to me and hugged me and said,” Thank you for making a doll that looks like me. “And to be honest, it is one of me. Made a day.

The Widline Kiosk is located near the entrance to Popeye on Westgate Mall, and you can also order dolls direct from their website. Fusiondolls.com ..

“Representatives” of various dolls that are booming at mall kiosks | lifestyle

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