Remaining calm within the face of injustice has develop into a lifestyle in Pakistan: Hajra Yamin – superstar


Actress Hajra Yamin believes that the culture of silence in Pakistan has become a lifestyle where people are afraid to stand up for their fundamental rights and she is asking you to change that.

“What do you do if unwanted guests come to your home and refuse to leave?” She asked. “If Khala comments on your weight, what do you do? If members of your house choose your career and life path against your will, what do you do? You keep calm.”

Yamin added that the culture of remaining calm in the face of injustices has become a way of life in Pakistan.

“The road is damaged from one side? Keep calm and take another route. Phone stolen? Keep calm and buy a new one. Cops are asking for a bribe? Keep calm and give them cash. Sugar is too expensive? Keep calm and start to drink unsweetened chai. ”

Actor Maan Jao Naa added that karachiities, especially those living in a particular housing association, were not at the mercy of anyone but themselves and were forced to find their own ways to circumvent the injustice they would face.

“Given this attitude of staying calm, an intelligent man had a wonderful idea. He decided to gather all the rich people into one area and wrest everything from them. What will they do most, stay calm?” she asked sarcastically.

“So this housing association idea worked really well. They stole electricity? People got generators. They restricted access to water? They got tankers. They stopped giving water, but they started charging a huge bill for it You paid for it, of course. ” They faced theft and hired private guards. That is how they quietly passed their lives. ”

She said she did not know under what circumstances the Karachi people would keep quiet in the face of these atrocities, but she knew that now was the time to speak up.