Omni Homestead’s chefs work together to create a sweet life outside of the resort kitchen


HOT SPRINGS, Va. – February is the month of love and two local chefs at The Omni Homestead are preparing a sweet life together.

10 News sat down to chat with them about falling in love with the kitchen and the best they’ve created together so far.

Newlyweds Todd and Kelly Owen spend a lot of time together in the Homestead kitchen.

He’s the head chef while she’s the mastermind behind the last course: dessert.

“Not everyone can work together, but I think we’re doing really well. We are definitely a good team, ”said Kelly, Junior Pastry Sous Chef.

It’s rare for a husband and wife to team up in the same restaurant or resort, but they debunk the myth that you can have too many chefs in the kitchen.

“I think it helps to be together that the two of us in the industry are able to meet because it’s hard to understand why you always work on weekends, why you don’t have vacations and do it professionally together power helps create that balance and understanding between the two of us, ”said Todd.


That balance just keeps getting better.

For the rest of the world, 2020 was like mushy cooked Brussels sprouts, but for the Owens, 2020 tasted like their favorite dessert.

The culinary duo got married in October and now has a little bread in the oven.

“It was definitely a great, blessed year,” said Todd.

While many may assume they have a big plan for Valentine’s Day 2021, what they say is that spending time at home is their favorite.

“Honestly, as much as we work, it’s really nice and peaceful to just sit at home and enjoy each other’s company and not have to go to another restaurant because we work there,” said Todd.

Below is a recipe Owen made together for the Omni Homestead:

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