New silent disco enterprise gives health with frequency


Company name: Valley Vibes

Object of the company: Silent Disco Fitness

Location: Turlock;

Contact Information: 626-421-8304;; @_valley__vibes_ on Instagram

Specialty: Yoga and full body training

Company history:

In March, Aaron and Kate Unruh set out to create a new culture in Turlock – one that would bring the community outside and allow them to heal both spiritually and physically. Their idea manifested itself in Valley Vibes, which features frequency fitness through noise-canceling headphones, some stellar beats, and guided workouts.

Kate Unruh and her husband moved to Turlock from San Francisco about two years ago, she said, where they were first introduced to silent disco activities. From dance parties to yoga sessions, the Silent Discos immerse the participants in a world of their own thanks to noise-canceling headphones that play the same music for all participants.

To someone who passes by, these events seem completely silent. However, for those who dance or exercise, it is a private party that only they understand.

“I absolutely loved the vibe and the whole silent disco scene,” said Kate. “When you arrived you felt so welcome … When we moved here and the pandemic broke out, it was so difficult to get that interaction with other people.

“It seemed like the perfect business for us because the headsets allow social distancing and really allow people to connect and make friends.”

Valley Vibes offers silent disco yoga classes every Friday and Saturday and silent disco full-body training on Sundays. They also regularly host events like the upcoming silent disco Strawberry Moon Flow, which will feature a yoga session, refreshments, a virtual photo booth, and a dance floor under the moon on June 24th. Most of the events take place in Turlock parks, Kate said, and the community can sign up for courses and events on the Valley Vibes website.

Kate and Aaron hope Valley Vibes will continue to grow; they often attend pop-up events and hope to be around more, and over time they plan to offer more courses and host more events. It is also their goal to give something back to the community; The company recently hosted a cleanup day where they picked up trash in downtown Turlock.
Although they have only been up and running for a few months, Valley Vibes is already making an impact on Turlock.

“I think the response was really wonderful and so exciting for us. We’ve created a small community and one of our biggest goals is to connect with as many people as possible, ”said Kate. “Hopefully we can help people discover something new and help them take care of their physical and mental health in a fun and exciting way.”