Metropolis Park East Park plans in Beachwood name for a health heart, gazebo, restrooms, and extra parking


BEACHWOOD, Ohio – A plan is being developed to add new recreational facilities to City Park East, including a fitness center and gazebo, plus additional parking and restrooms.

The additions, discussed during a June 2 meeting of the City Council’s Recreation and Community Services, would be installed next to the Barkwood Dog Park and have a view from the Barkwood Pavilion. The Council is expected to consider adopting the project at its June 21st meeting.

Councilor Barbara Bellin Janovitz, who chairs the committee and led the Barkwood 2019 expansion, said she believes the additions will be a hit with residents. “People are now looking for these outdoor activities and those activities that focus on our health because of COVID. We think this is really encouraging and shows our commitment to community health and wellbeing. And it promotes this sense of community while at the same time showing our commitment to health and wellness. “

The idea for the park improvements began when Alderman Eric Synenberg took a trip to San Francisco in 2019 and saw the National Fitness Campaign Court in Golden Gate Park. “(Beachwood) Mayor (Martin Horwitz) is always on the lookout for great ideas to try out in Beachwood, so I sent him some pictures from the fitness court,” said Synenberg. “You have to give him credit for supporting it.”

The Fitness Court, an outdoor fitness studio, has the slogan “7 movements in 7 minutes”. It comprises seven stations in which your own body weight is used to strengthen the core and muscles. It includes a planking station for building core strength, areas for squats, pushing, lunging, pulling and flexibility exercises, as well as a station for bending exercises. The fitness court can be used by following the instructions in an app or as requested by the user.

The modern appearance of the courtyard, which measures approximately 12 x 12 meters, qualifies it as a bourgeois art. Synenberg and Community Services Director Derek Schroeder visited the nearest court in Avon to brainstorm Beachwood. If the council approves the plan, Beachwood would be the first town east of Cleveland to have one. Janovitz said more exercise equipment will be added off the field for those unable to use the gym.

Madison Heights, Michigan has around 150 such dishes nationwide, including one that was added this week and costs $ 150,000.

The pavilion would look similar to the pavilion in City Park West, on the west side of Richmond Road on Shaker Boulevard. Also, 10-15 parking spaces would be added to the 20 or so that are now in Barkwood.

“Because of the success of Barkwood, we need additional parking space there,” said Janovitz. “And toilets that people have been asking for for a while, people who spend time in Barkwood. In fact, a large part of the cost (of the whole project) is the toilets. “

The total cost of the project is now estimated at $ 450,000 to $ 600,000, a price that will be improved by the June 21 council meeting. The city has already successfully applied for a $ 30,000 grant to fund the gym. As the project progresses, the city is likely to seek sponsorship from local businesses.

Horwitz and the municipality now decide what type of toilets should be installed, either prefabricated or built on site.

“We still want the park to be a nature park,” said Synenberg. “While we’ve added these components (like barkwood and walking / jogging trails) and now we’re adding this (Fitness Court), a second bathroom area (there’s one in City Park West), more picnic tables (in the new pavilion), and more parking, think I, as an advice, would be our goal that this will probably be the last expansion of the park. “

Synenberg added, however, that the city is planning a small garden in City Park West, near the pavilion, that will annually contain plaques for workers or city dwellers who have accomplished remarkable feats.

Since the council appeared to be in agreement with the project during the committee meeting, work on the parks could begin in late summer or perhaps next year.

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