Induction is sweet, gasoline cooking can also be very secure


Stoves That Let You Chill (Off Duty, April 24th) has some great information on induction hobs, which is an exciting innovation that is resonating with more home cooks. Appliance makers, however, disagree with portraying gas stoves as anything but safe cooking technology. Safety is a top priority for manufacturers of all hobs – gas, induction or electrical systems. All ranges sold in the US – regardless of cooking technology – are rigorously tested to meet or exceed established safety standards. Gas cooking, used in 40% of US households, has been shown to be safe under normal living conditions. The US Consumer Product Safety Commission stated that “the likelihood of adverse health effects from CO is generally low [carbon monoxide] Emissions from properly functioning, non-vented gas stoves. “Regardless of whether home cooks prefer gas, induction or electric stoves, they can be assured that their hobs have been designed, manufactured and tested with your safety in mind.

Kevin Messner

Association of Manufacturers of Household Appliances