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The second wave of the pandemic forced everyone to stay home again. With the gyms out of service, fitness trainers are working on innovative ways to help people exercise from the comfort of their homes. From free online sessions to fitness challenges, here’s what the #fitfam keeps busy during curfew.

Free online sessions

Some coaches have chosen to do their part to give back to society in these unprecedented times. Fitness trainer Rosanna Dcosta hosts free online sessions three times a week per month. “These are specially designed for those who are at home and need to keep their mind and body active. I also have a COVID care package for existing members who have had COVID, incorporating a lot of pranayama into their training. ”

Similarly, fitness trainer Ashwyn Barreto launched a free two-week bodyweight program that includes strength and conditioning training, cardio circuits, tabata, yoga, and more. “It’s about pushing people to stay active and building immunity to fight the virus. It’s my way of giving back to society in these difficult times, ”he says. The program will be carried out live on Instagram for two weeks in the evenings. “We already have over 80 participants. To get people excited, every participant receives an e-certificate, and the most active also win goodies, ”he says.

Virtual fitness challenges

Intense challenges that last up to a few weeks are a hit during this curfew. The fitness trainer Abhijit Naik organizes a 31-day fitness challenge for a fee, in which you can train six days a week under virtual guidance. “This includes exclusive live sessions, stretch and cool-down sessions, healthy recipes and fitness tips. We have over 100 employees who work with us, ”he says.

People not only from Goa but all over the world can prepare for these sessions as they are hosted online. Fitness trainer Rendel Ferros has introduced a five-week challenge for fat loss, muscle building and body toning. “It’s three times a week for 45-60 minutes. The workouts include bodyweight training, HIIT, strength training, and core training. This helps people stay fit and stress free during these tough times. ”

Adding variety to make it fun

For those not interested in high-intensity workouts, Zumba is there to keep people of all ages running. Zumba instructor Siddhant Gadekar’s 21-day live Zumba and fitness sessions got people of all ages interested. “We started on May 10th and got over 40 people ourselves on the first day. It includes Zumba, upper body, core, and lower body workouts that can be done without equipment six days a week, ”he says.