Florida Gym offers medical practice and fitness classes under one roof


Photo credit: Courtesy of Midtown Movement & Medicine

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“Nobody got better.”

Dr. Jeffrey Farrah, nurse, chiropractor, and CrossFit L1 trainer, says this relates to his time in the clinic during a nurse training.

  • “None of my patients were happy, I wasn’t happy” Farrah goes on to note that he was given about 10 minutes per patient to look after them.
  • “It did not work…[We were] not connecting and ultimately all of the things that I do for [patients] on the chronic disease side, they didn’t work. ” he says.

So when he opened his own practiceFarrah, of Midtown Movement & Medicine in Tallahassee, FL, decided to do things differently.

The exercise: Midtown Movement & Medicine, which Farrah and his wife run, combines a medical practice – primary care, bioidentical hormone replacement, IV nutrient therapy, and talk therapy – with fitness classes: CrossFit, Striking and Fitness, and Personal Training.

Farrah calls diet and exercise the “gold standard” for the treatment of chronic diseases. Instead of prescribing a patient to exercise on their own, they can now take them straight to their head coach.

  • “They say, ‘It goes without saying that health and fitness go together. ‘ but it goes without saying cognitively, ”says Farrah. “But it is practically not a matter of course, it is not an emotional matter of course or is practiced as a given. We as doctors, we as doctors know this cognitively, but nobody does anything with this information. “
  • “It’s one thing to say to a patient, ‘Ok, I have a minute for you… you have to train three to five times a week, you have to train for at least one hour a day … Let me know how to do that, ”he adds. “That will absolutely never work.”
  • In his practice it looks different. Farrah can point to his gym and say, “There are other people working out here who look just like you. It’s not 20 year olds who wear abs and short shorts. It’s a practical person’s gym. ”And asking patients to make a commitment to healthier lifestyle right then and there.

Photo credit: Courtesy of Midtown Movement & Medicine

How it works: He runs the medical side like a concierge or a direct basic service. Patients pay $ 100 a month to be part of the practice, and Farrah doesn’t bill for insurance. It’s a model very similar to that of The Drop-in Doc, a practice in a CrossFit box in California.

  • Farrah’s patients in primary care do not have to be members of the gym and vice versa, although he says it “begins to merge this way”. Its rehab, chiropractic, talk therapy, and goal setting services are all included in the cost of a CrossFit membership.
  • Farrah Says He’s “Facilitating the Use of Insurance” if higher care is required and it is recommended that his patients take out disaster insurance, for example in the event of cancer, COVID or an accident.
  • But for routine measures like blood tests or MRIsFarrah can often find a cheaper option for his patients through cash. Farrah says one of his “favorite complaints” is service overload. He explains, “I’ll draw labs on you and Quest will send you a bill for $ 600, that’s your copay. Well I know the cash price for this, the cash price is probably $ 60. Why not just use cash? “
  • “Patients who are not used to paying a monthly fee, They say, “What am I paying for?” Says Farrah. “And I say well, you call me and I will call you back on the same day. [The practice] is service oriented, which the medical system really isn’t. “

Relationship-based medicine: Seeing many of his patients at the gym several times a week, Farrah’s more likely to develop a relationship with them than diagnose them with a chronic illness and then say, “See you in a year.”

  • “When I see you two or three times a week,” he says. “Even if it’s just over, [I can say] “You just don’t look like that today, are you all right?” … if it’s something mild, we can just approach it much faster. “

Farrah is also a huge advocate Focus on mental health for both treatment and exercise.

  • “We use it for treatments, crises, traditional things, But we also use it to improve performance, ”says Farrah. “When you have a ‘I can’t or I can’t go to the gym’ block, we use it for both treatment and optimization.

Members, he says, love the combination of health and fitness that Midtown offers. You can stop by on the way to and from the gym and see your GP, be it for a B12 shot or to draw blood, or just to check in.

  • “I know you, I know your problems” Says Farrah. “I can say, ‘Hey, you need to stop and eat carbohydrates quickly [in this workout] Because remember, last time you got drowsy, your sugar dropped and we’re trying to make it happen. “

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