5 Asian Kitchen Staples To Enhance Your Cooking Sport


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For Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, Holly Wang of In The Know curated five of her favorite Asian staples (while enjoying a hot pot).

1. Chinese cleaver

“I swear to Awkwafina that every Chinese household has one of them. If you are Chinese and you are not, I need to speak to you, ”Holly joked.

Wang called her mother, who pretty much roasted anyone who uses small knives in Cantonese.

“These little knives are for kids like you! I don’t like small knives. I like cleavers because they are easier to use and save more effort when chopping, ”said Ms. Wang.

2. Hot pot with a divider

“This hot pot with a partition is for all the adventurous foodies out there who just can’t get enough of stew noodles like this,” she said.

According to Holly, you can make a five-course meal with that single pot. She recommended combinations like hot pot and bubble tea, pasta and wine, lettuce and cucumber-infused water, and finally french fries and salsa with tequila.

“In Japan it can only be used for Shabu Shabu and in China for Huo Guo,” said Holly. “When you have this divider in the middle, you have two flavors at the same time. If you are a rebel this can be used to get super creative. If you’re as lazy as me, it’s easy. ”

3. Loofah sponge

A loofah sponge is not only great for washing dishes, it is also a champion in the bathroom.

“My parents literally grabbed me 10 of these – no exaggeration – when I moved to New York,” she said. “They still send me some now and then like we don’t have Chinatown and Flushing. You can use it to exfoliate your skin, purify your body and soul. Yes, you need that for your precious soul, you sinful creature. “

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4th Waste cooking oil powder

If your dirty dishes are left with difficult-to-remove oil, give this Japanese oil hardener a try.

“You can solidify your oil with this powder, which is common in Japan,” said Holly. “We’re going to put the powder in the oil. Let it sit and wait for it to solidify. And then you can toss the hardened cooking oil in your trash can instead of throwing it in your sink! “

5. Portable Gongfu tea set

This simple tea set includes an interlocking teapot and tea cup for easy travel.

“My dad just sits on the sofa after dinner and enjoys tea with this mini tea set that he usually carries around with him while I have soda,” joked Holly. “Don’t be like me. Be like my father Drink tea with the right tea set to relax and find your inner calm. Peace and love. ”

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