15 storage ideas for the kitchen to organize your cooking space


If you have a small kitchen or have too many cooking utensils to count, you definitely understand the struggle to keep your space tidy.

To help you keep your kitchen counter tidy and organize your cabinets and drawers efficiently, we searched the internet for some of the most useful kitchen storage ideas that can get your oven interior on tiptoe right away.

Whether you love to cook or just hate clutter, you will love these 15 ideas below.

We found great problem solvers for jam-packed drawers, overcrowded pantries, mess under the sink, and more.

Use open space under the cabinet: Yamazaki USA Tosca Under Shelf Basket, $ 27

If you’re not working with a lot of space, it is important to make use of the area under your closet. In this shelf basket you can store your spices, jams and oils as well as a rod for a trendy tea towel.

Take Advantage of Cabinet Doors: Auledio 2-Pack Over-the-Door Cabinet Organizer Storage Basket, $ 21

Keep your baking trays and cutting boards on the inside of your cabinet doors to make room for other devices that aren’t that flat.

Make the most of your kitchen space: eModern Decor 2-Tier Dish Rack, $ 130

This expensive, two-tier crockery basket hangs over your sink and seems to have room for almost anything! The unique design offers space for plates, bowls, soap and sponges, knives and even a small cutting board. It is made of durable stainless steel that can hold up to 30 kg of dishes and cutlery.

Save space and organize your pots and pans: Yamazaki USA Tower Kitchenware Divider, $ 32

If you’re struggling to keep your pots and pans tidy, we recommend trying this kitchen utensil divider to keep the lids and bases separate.

Consolidate Your Utensils: Joseph Joseph Kitchen Drawer Organizer Tray, $ 10

Utensil drawer organizers usually take up a lot of space, but with this uniquely and intelligently designed option from Joesph Joesph you can efficiently store your forks, knives and spoons and save space for other kitchen gadgets in the same drawer.

Get your pantry in tip-top shape: The Container Store Pantry Starter Kit, $ 134

This discounted pantry starter kit from The Container Store includes a variety of bins and baskets to keep items in your pantry organized and easier to access.

Organize kitchen supplies in magazine holders: Simple Houseware White / Black Magazine File Holder 12-pack, $ 17

Okay, listen to us! Magazine holders are a great and affordable option for stowing cleaning supplies, oils, canned foods, large condiments, and more. The best part? This pack of 12 costs less than $ 20!

Free Up Free Wall Space: ClosetMaid Adjustable 8-Tier Wall and Door Stand, $ 34

If you have a free wall make sure you use it! This eight-tier wall and door stand is great for storing a wide variety of items, including cans, small cutting boards, paper towels, and others. This slim frame is available in two sizes: 12 “and 18”.

Organize Under Your Kitchen Sink: ORG 2-Tier Mesh Expandable Under-Sink Shelf in Silver, $ 35

While the pipes under your sink usually hinder the proper organization of your belongings, now they don’t have to! This adjustable shelf organizer under the sink from Bed, Bath & Beyond lets you build shelves around the pipes and store anything and everything under the sink.

Use Every Nook & Cranny: Under Cabinet Coffee Pad Holder, $ 27

If you have a small kitchen but can’t live without coffee, consider this under-cabinet K cup holder that can be placed right above your Keurig machine.

Make Sure Everything Is Accessible: Copco Non-slip Lazy Susan Turntable Larder, $ 15

Lazy susan are certainly not a new invention, but they are definitely underrated. Put these babies in every level of the closet closest to your stove and they will make all of your oils, spices, and rubs easily accessible. They can also be used in the refrigerator or pantry so you don’t have to rearrange items regularly.

Make Room For More Dishes: ORG Metal Mesh Expandable Cabinet Shelves (Set of 2), $ 20

If you can’t quite solidify your plates and cups, don’t fret! These wire mesh cabinet shelves are great for storing tons of different glassware and plates in the same area.

Consolidate Your Items: Fastish 4-in-1 Wall Mounted Paper Towel Holder, Plastic Wrap, Foil Dispenser, $ 24

This 4-in-1 wall mount offers space for a variety of important products such as paper towels, plastic wrap and foil – and even offers space for spices.

Can't find the lids?  We got you covered (literally): YouCopia StoraLid Food Container Lid Organizer, $ 20

If your situation with (or lack of) food containers is the bane of your existence, we highly recommend trying this lid organizer.

Get Creative With Your Spice Storage: Magnetic Spice Jars (Set of 20), $ 35

We love these fun spice jars. You can label each one and the bottom of the can is magnetized so you can keep it within arm reach and make the cooking process easier as it sticks to most refrigerators, ovens, hoods and grills.

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